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Are you Aligned? Yes, your business is perfectly aligned to see the business results you are seeing today. If you want different results, then you must focus on improving your organizational alignment.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

You can’t grow an organization without great people, but great people can work anywhere so how can you get them to want to work for your organization?


Making the right choices on where to focus your organizations resources is critical to your success. So how can you know which benefits matter most to your people? Our recommendation: Don’t guess, just ask your people.

Data and Assessment

It's your peoples’ mindsets and beliefs that drive their behaviors (what they do) and its their behaviors that deliver your results. If you want better results you need to align your people’s beliefs and your organizational Objectives.

Driving Culture as CEO

As the CEO or an executive leader, you know that your ability to succeed relies on people. Attracting and retaining top talent is critical to your ability to take care of your customers, innovate, and to drive your business outcomes.


Aligning your people and culture with your organizational strategy requires building a workplace experience and a culture that people want to be part of. So where are you going to get the candid insights you need to know what actions to take?


Building on employee experience can increase a business’s competitive advantage, sustain and fuel growth, increase employee satisfaction, help attract and recruit top talent, and positively impact employee retention.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Every organization faces unique challenges when it comes to DEI&B. In order to address your specific DEI&B issues, you must first understand the mindsets & beliefs of your people.

Employee Communication

Ineffective communication is a leading cause of frustration among employees. Left unchecked this creates distrust and confusion throughout the organization.

Employee Engagement

You create engagement by engaging your people, but understanding the What, the Why, and the How all begins with listening. There is no need to guess what actions to take or what matters most to your people when you can simply ask - your people.

Employee Feedback

Feedback delivers insight. Candid, honest, insightful feedback is critical to improving your organization, but most organizations struggle to get it.

Employee Recognition

Your organization is built on people and people love to be recognized for their efforts but what recognition matters most and what actions should you take?


Employee Net Promoter Score is an industry standard methodology to measure employee engagement. It identifies employees that are promoters, neutral, or detractors from your organization. Engaged employees deliver satisfied customers and drive business results.


Olumo helps identify good and bad leaders in real time so you can know where to apply your resources to help leaders improve.

Mental Health

Your employees understand their needs. By asking in a safe and confidential way they will guide you to taking the right actions based on what they actually need vs what you think they may need.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizational trust is a human sentiment that consists of your employee’s belief or confidence in the organization to do what they say.

Onboarding and Exit

Are you struggling to measure and to identify what’s working and what’s not in regard to your employee Onboarding, Lifecycle, and Exit experience?

Operational Efficiency

How can you learn what’s going right and where you need to improve? Your performance data gives you the end results, but what you really need is insight into the predictive indicators of your results.


The success of every organization relies on people. It’s people that create the products and services you offer, people that take care of your clients, people that innovate, and when your people are aligned to your organizational objectives – magic happens.

Return to Work

There has never been a more important time to gather insights from your people than when planning your return to work.

Risk Mitigation

Sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, safety, gender equity and racial equity are just a few of the hidden landmines with extensive physical and reputational costs to the organization.


Organizational trust is a human sentiment that consists of your employee’s belief or confidence in the organization to do what they say.

Well Being

Employee wellbeing is a top priority for organizations that are looking to attract and retain their people.