Are You Listening? Here's Why and How

Far too many employers fail to understand the value of listening to their people’s feedback, thus missing out on the many business benefits that come from this simple activity.

7 Signs Your Organization is Misaligned with its People

When a car’s wheels aren’t aligned, the car veers off course, the tires wear unevenly, and even the steering wheel isn’t as it should be. For the car to function at full capacity, maintain efficient fuel economy, and head straight in the right direction, it must be properly aligned. For this discussion, car alignment is a near perfect metaphor for company alignment. Think of management as the steering wheel and staff as the tires – you can’t go anywhere without both, and both need to point in the same direction for the organization to run efficiently and meet its goals.

How Addressing Organizational Weaknesses Engages Employees and Builds Trust

Every business needs improvement. Developing processes and organizational procedures that identify weak areas can promote growth and engagement, and the first step is to identify the areas you’re already familiar with. By analyzing what’s going right in the company and what needs some work, you’ll be equipped to begin a growth track.

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