5 Changes Leadership Can Make to Improve Organizational Alignment

You want a focused, satisfied workforce. You want a company that’s expanding and breaking new ground. You want high employee engagement and a workplace experience that pulls in new talent and retains your star people. How can you make sure this is happening? Simple – with organizational alignment.

Understand Your People

The workplace experience incorporates far more than whether people like their job. In fact, it’s entirely possible for people to enjoy their job responsibilities but still have a negative workplace experience, and vice-versa. Consider the following case study scenario.

6 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

The balance of power has shifted. Employers used to be in the driver’s seat when it came to workplace longevity, but people are now squarely behind the wheel in today’s competitive business environment.

Engagement and the Needs of Your People

Up until the early 1900s when the government enacted factory and child labor laws, nobody showed much concern for the well-being of the average worker. The realization that happy, healthy people improve productivity and increase profits has been comparatively recent, historically speaking.

You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Understand: Get Employee Insights

Change. Restructure. These are words that many people dread hearing. Maybe they’re concerned that management is about to reinvent the wheel, inconveniencing everyone along the way. One thing’s for sure: many people are fearful of change and treat restructuring as a sign that it’s time to jump ship.

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