Olumo, Inc. launches Workplace Experience Software just in time for HR Technology Conference

Pleasant Grove, Utah – Olumo, Inc., a workplace experience platform, is pleased to announce the release of its Workplace Experience Software in conjunction with exhibiting at the HR Technology conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This represents a massive leap forward in our category creating product and delivers on our commitment to understand People,” said Robert Brown CEO of Olumo. “We provide people data for people companies so they can align with their employees and grow. “

Organizations typically have many metrics surrounding the financial aspects of the business, and Olumo’s goal is to deliver live, visible, people-focused metrics so companies can understand the workplace experience they are delivering to their employees. 

This feature release added a plethora of new people metrics designed to give insight on all aspects of the workplace experience. “We now support 40-plus individual people metrics and advanced reporting that allow our clients to custom sort the data by demographics to understand how they are performing with various segments of their people,” said Mike Tingey, CTO of Olumo. 

The implementation of the new Olumination process allows companies to leverage the OlumoX platform as part of organizational processes for change. Olumination provides a detailed process for gathering data, as well as creating and delivering initiatives that bring alignment to an organization. 

The release also features playbooks for each individual metric that help educate Olumo clients on how to improve at every level of an organization. 

“For CEOs, we connect your human capital investments with financial outcomes,” said Brown. “Once you understand your people you can align the organization to deliver results.”

About Olumo, Inc.

Olumo is a workplace experience platform that delivers the power of WE. Olumo helps organizations to listen and understand the mind and will of their people by gathering direct human sentiment from every employee at every level of the organization. Olumo then visualizes this live data into dashboards which are updated daily as feedback is gathered. Olumo is driven by a commitment to people as we know that people are your greatest asset. When people are listened to, purpose becomes aligned and great things happen.

Learn more about Olumo on their website at www.olumo.com or follow on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/olumo/

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