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Executives are expected to make big business decisions daily.

How can they without good data? Organizations have excellent financial data to drive their decisions, but what about Human Data? Business leaders can’t make data-backed decisions if they don’t have organizational data. Olumo can give executives the critical knowledge they need.

HR and people leaders need strategic real-time insights.

HR and people leaders are a secret strategic weapon, but they can’t create organizational impact without real-time insights. Solving problems becomes easier once you have all the facts. Olumo systematically creates and closes the feedback loop delivering real-time tactical insights needed to drive business results.

To put it simply, here are some of the organizational problems we help solve with our LEAP Process.

Driving Business Results
The most successful brands understand people are at the core of all of their business needs and results. Your people's mindsets and beliefs drive their behaviors, and their behaviors deliver your results. If you want better results, focus on listening to your people. Olumo helps organizations to drive business results through our systematic LEAP process. Listen to your people and take action on what they say while measuring impact and progress.
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Attracting Talent
The best people want to work for the best companies. They leave when a company’s culture doesn't align with their goals and purpose. Creating a Human Experience at work that attracts the best talent relies on real time insights to drive the right actions to employee feedback. You don’t have to guess what you’re people are thinking — just ask them. Olumo helps organizations follow the LEAP process to listen to their people, take action on what they learn, and then measure the progress.
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Solving Engagement
Engagement is the result of creating a workplace experience that your people intrinsically want to be part of and thrive in. Once people feel heard, valued, and that they have a purpose at work, they become engaged. Olumo helps executives, managers, and HR and people leaders to interact and listen to their people in a genuine conversational way. Listening through Olumo delivers real time tactical insights that enable you to make meaningful change. With Olumo’s LEAP process, leaders can listen and take action so that your people feel heard. When people feel heard, they are more likely to be engaged.
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Solving Retention
According to Gallup 75% of people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. Olumo’s Team and Leadership metrics immediately identify areas of need. Pinpointing where you need to provide coaching to help your leaders and teams to succeed. Direct leaders and teams have the most impact on an individual's decision to remain with an organization. The Olumo LEAP process delivers the surgical insights you need to know where to address retention at its core.
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Solving DE&I
Hiring a diverse workforce is only the beginning. Engaging a diverse workforce requires a higher degree of listening and understanding. Every organization is unique and requires a unique approach to DE&I. The key to solving DE&I is to align the organization and your people. Need to know what steps to take, don’t guess, just ask. By listening to your people you will quickly learn where your gaps are and where to focus your efforts. Engaging with your people in this way will create the buyin and ownership you need to succeed. Action plans are easy to identify when you understand the root cause of the problem. Then measure the impact of your actions and adjust your efforts as needed. It's a process not a destination
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Solving Culture
The key to creating a great culture begins with listening and aligning organizational mission, vision, values & purpose with what you actually do. Understanding the gaps and the roadblocks are the first step. Olumo helps organizations solve culture issues by listening to their people, taking action on what they say, and then measuring the impact.
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Mental Health
Knowing what actions to take to support your people mental health is easy when you dont guess, just ask. Organizations are looking to know what actions to take to better support their people's well being and mental health. Without feedback it can feel like throwing darts. By listening and engaging with your people in conversations the actions needed will become clear. Taking actions in a collaborative process creates buyin and ownership of your most strategic objectives.
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Communication is most effective when you meet your people where they are in a method that is most convenient for them. Organizations struggle to communicate with their people when using old technologies. Olumo meets your people where they live. Olumo supports, slack, teams, email and our favorite SMS text. Many have found that a simple text is the most effective way to communicate. Sending real time communication in polls, announcements, emergency notifications is easy when you communicate in a modern way.
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Solving the Feedback loop
People don't get tired of providing feedback, they get tired when nothing happens based on their feedback. For feedback to continue you must close the loop. Olumo’s LEAP process was specifically designed to help organizations to systematically Listen, Engage, take Action and then to measure your progress. Every step of the process was designed to help organizations open and close the feedback loop in a continual iterative process.
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Olumo’s LEAP approach identifies and provides solutions for organizations to become stronger people companies.

Let us help drive business results with actionable insights that fit any agenda.

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