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Your success is our success, so we focus on you. Partner with someone who drives your business forward.

If you’re a business consultant, leadership coach, HR consultant, DE&I, Mental Health or support businesses in any way, we're looking for you. We are the tool, you are the solution.

Identify and prove areas of need

Olumo’s platform is at your service for free for 30 days. Our people insights immediately quantify and validate the need for your services. Use Olumo as your assessment tool to help you acquire and retain business.

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Expand your engagements by 3–10x.

Consultant and training relationships often begin with one thing in mind. What if you could keep the opportunities coming? Olumo consistently identifies organizational gaps generating consistent long term engagements.

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Show measurable results on your services.

The inability to show quantifiable results for soft skills can kill a working relationship. Olumo helps by providing quantifying metrics specific to the services you provide. Establish baselines and then show the impact of your services in hard numbers.

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Ensure your services stick and show value.

It’s a fact that consulting firms struggle to get their solutions to stick. Olumo makes it easy to actively monitor and quantify the ongoing level of adoption within an organization, so you can identify and reinforce learning to ensure value.

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Create long-term residual revenue.

By creating a mutual partnership, we build ongoing relationships by helping partners create new long-term residual revenue streams.

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We’re the tool, you're the solution.

We can quantify anything. Create your own custom metric to use with your clients. Use your own secret sauce by customizing the platform to meet the specific needs of your clients.

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“Olumo is what a partner should be. Their product helps us to be more successful in our engagements by giving us consistent insights into the effectiveness and impact of our services on our clients. They have simply made us better at what we do. Their data and our services are a perfect match.”

— Tim

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