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Successful companies listen to their team.

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Gain insights while building trust.

Nothing builds trust between you and your employees better than using their suggestions to improve the way you run your business. The more employees see that their feedback makes a difference, the more trust they will have in you as an employer.

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Engage authentically. Improve drastically.

When you show your employees that you care, you will get better feedback, everytime. The better the feedback, the better the results will be.

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Know what your employees are thinking/feeling.

It’s hard to have a personal relationship with each person at your organization. With Olumo, you can understand 10,000 people individually instead of your 6 direct reports.

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Get feedback when, and how you want it.

When it comes to sending your employees surveys, you are in complete control over what gets sent and when it gets sent out. Once at least 10 people have started responding, your metrics will be live and ready for you to dive in.

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Create the ultimate employee experience.

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