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Be there when they need you most

Free COVID-19 Pulse Campaign

You have a lot to manage, let Olumo's new Coronavirus campaign handle employee communication for you.

Is your company going through big transitions due to the impact of COVID-19?

Olumo has a 2-way survey tool to help you collect data on how your employees are handling the transition and then respond to them via SMS when needed.

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Employee Feedback

Transitions made easier

Olumo is the perfect tool to help great leaders keep a pulse on their employees with open anonymous communication

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Phone Conversation

More than just touching base.

Listening and responding will help ease concerns and build trust. Organizations can emerge stronger than ever if they take the right people actions. We're here to help.

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Send us an employee list and we'll do the rest.

Employee Experience

Ensure All Is Well

We've curated the best COVID-19 related questions to make sure your team is safe and thriving.


Spark Honest Conversations

With Olumo Engage, you can start anonymous two-way dialogues with your people inspired by the questions they're receiving.


Measure Decision Impact

Our COVID-19 campaign quantitatively tracks Well Being, Leadership, Communication, Customer, Company & Culture, and Systems on a daily basis. Know exactly how your crisis-related decisions are impacting the group.

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