Oxford Reference defines recency bias as “a common distorting effect within systems of performance appraisal,” referring to assessments based “not on work undertaken across the full performance management cycle, but only on recent events or activities that can be readily recalled.” 

It’s difficult to contemplate organizational growth on such a large scale. Things fall through the cracks. The positives of a successful initiative a couple months ago might be forgotten in the face of a team setback. 

Regular requests for unfiltered employee feedback, however, can counteract that recency bias, aligning every item of feedback into a greater whole. Maybe one bad score was the result of a bad day, or perhaps it indicates a troubling trend. In either case, having more data gives a framework for the feedback. That way, one off day doesn’t govern the feedback a company receives. 

Feedback can often feel abstract and individualized. When given a question, each employee will give a different answer, and it’s difficult to formulate all these answers into a coherent path forward. But real-time feedback, given and tracked, becomes actionable data that can be used to cultivate organizational growth

More Feedback Data, Better Business Analysis

Say an employee rates company culture at 4 out of 5. By itself, this rating is not especially helpful, but placed in the context of all employees’ responses tracked over time, this answer becomes a valuable data point. You can track whether that employee answers the same question with a different rating the next day, next week, or see how their rating compares with other members of their team. 

A growing collection of data takes those abstract answers and places them into the larger framework of the company at large. Managers get access to fresh data regarding their team’s strengths and weaknesses, easily tracking the impact of their initiatives around the clock. 

Wondering where to host the next company or team outing? While it might seem insignificant in comparison to more pressing topics, asking employees about their favorite lunch spot or preferred charity is a great way to ensure the success of the next event. 

Need Help Obtaining Employee Feedback?

The best way to gain the respect and attention of employees is to respect and pay attention to them in return. With data and real-time feedback from workers at all levels, company leadership will be better equipped to make the right decisions for successful organizational growth built on collaborative ideas.

With the help of Olumo, you can understand what’s really happening within your organization. We allow employees to provide anonymous, real-time feedback on workplace topics, all through a simple text message survey that collects live, actionable data. 

Obtain a perfect baseline of your employee experience and what to do about it. Use the power of millions of daily data points to gain deep insights into how you’re doing.  Request a demo today to see a survey in action, or text us 24/7/365 for sales inquiries and support at 385.213.1030.

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