Olumo FAQS
Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Olumo?

Olumo is the simplest way for employees to give anonymous feedback on important workplace topics. By providing ongoing feedback, employees can help create a better work experience for themselves and their colleagues.

How does it work?

Olumo asks, on average, 2 simple survey questions per week via text-message. Most questions only require a “1-5” response and should never take more than a few seconds to answer. Users can give additional feedback for any question by simply texting back their response.

Is it anonymous?

Olumo was built specifically to protect an employee’s identity. Because everything runs through Olumo’s technology, managers and leaders can never track an employee’s response to their phone number, only their response rate. All answers are completely, 100% anonymous.

How is my data used?

Managers and leaders have access to daily and weekly anonymous reports through Olumo’s dashboard that gives them insights into how their teams feel and what can be improved.

Can I change my preferences?

An employee can change their preferences regarding frequency of questions, time of day questions are received, and preferred language at any time. Olumo will send a link via text-message to do so a few days after the program begins. If employees do not have a smart device they can still access their preferences page by typing in the URL into a web browser.

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