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Olumo SMS surveys allow employees to answer in seconds. No logins and no apps to download give SMS surveys daily response rates in the 70+%*.


Traditional surveys give you a snapshot of how the responder feels in that moment in time. Opinions change and pulse surveys are built to capture the fluidity of human feelings.


Pulse surveys are capable of asking 1-3 questions 4-6 times per month, but what about the 50 other questions you have? Traditional surveys give you the power to ask away and Olumo will use SMS and email delivery to see that they complete the survey.

Monthly Data Points
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Keep it fun

We're on a mission to remove boring surveys.

Our campaigns use occasional images, emojis, and videos with the question text to keep life interesting.

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All Question Types

Collect all the data you could want.

Olumo surveys come with all the question types you are used to even in SMS format. Build multiple choice, free response, and scale questions delivered in their preferred medium.

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SMS or email

Collect all the data you could want.

Olumo’s SMS surveys receive a higher response rate because of their ease of use, but we also created one-click answers for those who prefer or are limited to email.

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“When I worked at Adobe, we used to fill out questionnaires that would take 30-40 minutes to complete every single year. All my coworkers used to be so mad by the end of it we wouldn't give valid responses. I love using Olumo with my team here at Lightbulb because the surveys are so quick and easy to engage with. Plus, I get to see how their sentiment changes over time instead of one day of the year. As an admin, I spend less than 5 minutes a month managing the system which is a big deal to me."
Brandon E. | GM Lightbulb LMS
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