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eNPS - employee Net Promoter Score

eNPS is a derivative of the traditional Net Promoter Score and is the current standard for measuring employee loyalty.

The Olumo Assessment will text or email your employees to find your current eNPS score within 24 hours. You will also see how your score compares to other company averages.

Engagement Categories

The Olumo research team works with PhDs and topic leaders to create unbiased engagement questions across nine different categories.

During your 15-day assessment period, the Olumo messaging bot will schedule questions from these nine categories to show you where your company can improve. We then use state of the art technology to assess and report back what organization changes will have the greatest impact on your eNPS.

Sentiment Analysis

Your employee’s feedback is gathered and scored by the IBM Watson Supercomputer for sentiment and emotion analysis. The Olumo Assessment will break down each response and let you know just how positive or negative your employees feel about their environment.

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